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Starting the year right with ASBME!

Now that summer has drawn to a close, the routine of school has started once again. From going to a new semester of classes (or skipping said classes) to meeting up with friends who we haven't seen in a summer, this new beginning has been a busy one. Here at ASBME, we've been busy too! Last Wednesday, we got to meet our new members at GM 0. It was awesome seeing everyone from our new freshies to returning upperclassmen. On Friday, we got social at our Wisdom Tree Hike (after which we consumed the calories we had just burned at In-n-Out), which had awesome turn out! Looking forward, we have our BIOMED Research Symposium, where members can meet with graduate students and faculty to discuss research oportunities at USC. Such a promising start to the semester is sure to signal an exciting year ahead!

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