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Kaelyn's Kolumn, Volume 1

Hello ASBMERs!

I find that as engineers we have a list of “need to’s” and “have to’s” and we often forget about the “want to’s” Sometimes we just need to let loose and have fun, college can’t just only be about studying! So here is my recommendations for this week (11/24):

FOOD is always a good place to start… I mean we have to eat right?

Little Easy is a must to try. It is in historic Downtown Los Angeles with a casual French/ New Orleans vibe

If you are craving some Italian food then Maccheroni Republic is such a classic! The gnocchi is fabulous and all their pasta are handmade… thank you Maccheroni republic… or should I say Grazie?

Finally, we have drumroll Bestia! Its a little bit pricier but definitely worth it. Have your parents take you out for the holidays because we know you have worked hard all semester. I think I died and went to heaven after I tried their Agnolotti alla Vaccinara… just saying.

Now here are some THINGS TO DO

The Magical Chinese Lantern Festival started November 21st and will continue until January 5th. Its sorta amazing. 30 ft tall and 85 ft wide lanterns and a 100 yd dragon is guaranteed!

The Aquarium of the Pacific has Shark Lagoon Nights on Fridays!! You will actually get to touch sharks and best of all its FREE. Check it out because sharks are cool #jaws

Well I think that will keep everyone occupied for this week! Please have fun and show everyone that Biomedical Engineers are the coolest people of all of Viterbi.

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