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Kaelyn's Kolumn, Volume 2

Hello ASBMERs,

I hope your first week at school as been memorable. I know all our dreams of having a true syllabus week have been crushed :( but I am here to remind you that it is a New! Year! I am sure a lot of you have made some new year’s resolutions and hopefully you can include my recommendations in your list of things you want to do!

Raffi’s Place is an amazing place to eat. Our very own Corporate Chair, Ahmed Mohamed, has said that it is “the best middle eastern food place ever”! I second and third that.

Okay, okay I know everyone wants to be healthy for the New Year so I am recommending some hikes:

An easier hike is the San Gabriel Peak in the Angeles National Forest. It has really pretty flowers and sometimes you can see snow. The hike is pretty short but a little steep so it will for sure hit your goal to be more active this semester!!

A harder hike is the infamous Mt. Baldy. True fact I could not walk down stairs for the two days after I did this hike but honestly felt like a FREAKING BOSS afterwards and highly recommend it for some more experienced hikers! The views are gorgeous but its quite long so make sure to bring lunch, snacks and plenty of water.

And because I can’t resist I want to tell you about an amazing ice cream place called Milk. My roommate has had multiple birthday festivities there and its honestly such a move for a casual night. Right now they have a peanut butter brownie flavor that makes me so happy.

To cap this off I just wanted to share with you all my new years resolution to find a new hobby which is practicing headstands yoga style. I have never been able to do one and I have been working on it really hard at least once a week. Now I can get both of my legs up into the air! They are not straight but its something.

Well that is all, but I hope this will keep the ~positive vibes~ going for this semester.

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