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Kaelyn's Kolumn Volume 3

HELLO ASBMERs! I had this whole thing planned out... I was going to give you guys recommendations of places to watch March Madness and give some people who are staying at USC over break some lit places to go to in exchange. But alas, things do not always work out the way you planned it and that is okay. Because now I can give you some things you can do alone as a star only child:

Read some books

Attempt to draw (or take it a step further and attempt to paint)

Do a ton of face masks

Two words: home workouts

Maybe clean “the chair” in your room

Then completely organize your room

Teach yourself a new instrument

Or heck even try a new language out

Online shop

Netflix and HBO

Learn to cook

Take a bath... but please also shower

Dance in front of the mirror

Listen to podcasts

Facetime your people

Play club penguin or Webkins

Sign some petitions

Learn some TikToks

Or finally you could write a blog

I know things are tough right now, but its really important to practice social distancing so we can flatten the curve. Coronavirus has not ended everything— life still goes on and so do the friendships and connections you have made throughout your college life. I encourage you all to hold on to that.

One last thing! I wanted to share something fun with you guys. I went to Milk, one of the places I talked about last time. It was very very good and right near the Grove too! I got a classic— cookies and cream and it was so good it brought back some childhood memories so that is saying something. The photo from Milk is here!

That is all for now. Talk to y’all soon!

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