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Meet our March Member of the Month!

I know we're smack in the middle of midterm season, but push through! It may seem tough now, but you'll make to the end. If you need a quick study break, take a look at our Member of the Month for March, Brian Ahn!

Year: Junior

Major: Biomedical Engineering (Electrical)

Fun fact: I write for a creative collaborative writing website called the SCP Foundation. It deals with a fictional global organization that works to contain anomalies in order to maintain a veneer of normalcy to the civilian populace.

Favorite ASBME memory: When I showed up to the ASBME Hike... in a dress shirt and khakis.

Other involvement: USC TaeKwonDo Club

Plans for the future: Hopefully starting my own biomedical device startup, or gaming the stock market to make millions in order to go on a tour of the moon with Elon Musk.

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