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May Member of the Month

We hope you all had a fun, if not unique, semester! Even if it didn't end the way you wanted it to, we've been able to stay strong as a community :) To end the year right, we have our last Member of the Month, Kristian!

Name: Kristian Vu Bostic

Year: Freshman

Major: Biomedical Engineering, East Asian Languages and Cultures Fun fact: My roommate last year was the 12 year old son of the richest chicken farmer in Thailand and I almost killed him by giving him shrimp dumplings Favorite ASBME memory: Hanging out with my mentor, Kristina, and participating in the 2020 Makeathon! Other involvement: MEDesign, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Undergraduate research Plans for the future: In the future, I plan to go to grad school to either get a Master's degree or a PhD, and then I plan to move into industry (specifically where and doing what has not been decided yet)

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