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Ask away!

Candy Cotton


Below are some questions that have been asked by fellow ASBME members that we hope you will find helpful. If you have a question that has not already been answered, feel free to check out our ASBME Feedback Form to submit an anonymous question or email for a quick response!

If I can't attend ASBME General Meetings, how can I stay involved with ASBME?
I took a nap and missed a meeting I really wanted to attend! What do I do?
Newsletter? What newsletter? I don't get a newsletter…

There are a variety of ways to stay involved with ASBME! In addition to our General Meeting, we have a variety of Networking, Corporate, Social, Community, and Mentoring events that are not during our normal General Meeting times. All of these events will help you build your relationship within the biomedical engineering community and gain a variety of opportunities offered in ASBME. Check out our Calendar of Events to see what else is coming up!

Don't fret! If you missed a meeting that you really wanted to attend, you can always contact us to receive information about our speaker or our event. Or if you would like to follow up with a speaker to communicate with them further, we can also pass along speaker information. Email us at!

Sign up for our newsletter! Email with your full name, USC email, and class standing to stay in the loop!

I'm awesome. How can I join ASBME Executive Board?
Is membership really required?

Official elections for ASBME EBoard open in Spring (around March) of each year to apply for the subsequent school year. However, keep your eyes peeled for miscellaneous positions open throughout the year to join ASBME Eboard. Applications will be available on our E-Board page and we hope you all apply!

Membership is never required for ASBME. However, many events involving industry representatives and networking events will be closed to members only. In addition, non-members do not have access to our resume CD given out to industry professionals, food at any events, or T-shirts. You may become a member at any time though, so sign up now on our Membership page!

What's your favorite color?

Cardinal and Gold, of course! Fight On!!

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