Reaching out and sharing passion with the community 

In 2016, ASBME began the Project in a Box (PiaB) initiative: an outreach program geared toward visiting local 3rd – 6th grade classrooms to help stimulate biomedical engineering interest and problem-solving skills at early stages in schooling. We present interactive projects and scenarios that prompt students to consider the engineering design process as it applies to the human body.

This past semester, we have greatly enjoyed implementing our lesson plans and teaching hundreds of students from numerous local classrooms. We currently offer our main lesson plan, the Prosthetic Hand Project, and have a couple more lesson plans in the making. These projects provide background information on the topic of interest and enable students to interact with physical materials to come up with specific designs and functions. The duration of these one-time lessons is about 50 to 60 minutes.

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ASBME members actively engaging in Project-in-a-Box

Alana Stein

Advaita Chandramohan

Andrew Yock

Olivia Pereira

Camille Gutierrez

Natalie Prideaux

Ira Saini

Karen Ly

Winfield Zhao

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