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In 2016, ASBME revamped our Mentoring program to a Family-style program! Families are composed of a freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior, and families remain the same throughout your time at USC. As one senior graduates, a new freshman is added! We are excited to build this into a full-fledged program where students will be matched up to build relationships that will last throughout their time at USC. We are planning many fun activities for this program, in addition to ASBME's already large selection of academic and social opportunities.​​



of ASBME Mentoring

Underclassmen will gain experienced BME upperclassmen who will be available to answer questions about topics from registration and study tips to college life in general.


You will gain access to an entire network of involved and interesting ASBME members and help connect you more fully to the BME community, Viterbi, and USC during your time here!

Families will have opportunities to compete aginst each other for various prizes throughout the year.

Families with strong participation records will be given priority registration chances for many exciting, space-limited ASBME social events.

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We would love to connect you with a great group of people and helpful resources!