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Meet our Member of the Month for December: Anthony Mouchawar!

Happy Holidays, everyone! We're excited to announce our last Member of the Month of 2021: Anthony Mouchawar! Read on to learn more about Anthony.

Name: Anthony Mouchawar

Year: Sophomore

Major: Biomedical Engineering (Molecular-Cellular Emphasis)

​Fun fact: I have been on the Goodyear Blimp.​

Favorite ASBME memory: My favorite ASBME memory was teaching a Project-in-a-Box lesson in person with a classroom of students for the first time.

Other involvement: I am also involved in research in the Zavaleta Lab in Molecular Imaging and Nano Diagnostics.

Plans for the future: My plans for the future involve going to medical school, where I'm hoping to specialize in oncology.

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